Generic Job Description Template

January 22, 2021

Generic Job Description Template

[Job Title]

Formal position title.

Reports To

The [job title] will report to [positions title or titles this position reports to].

Reports Into This Position

The [job title] will report to [positions title or titles this position reports to].

Company Vision and Values

Provide a compelling insight into your companies vision and values and how this position, and the future employee will play a key role.  

Job Overview

Provide a brief description of this position, ideally kept to 4 or 5 sentences. Detail how this position fits into the company or organization and what success will look like for this position. 

Responsibilities and Duties

Provide a list of the [Job title] responsibilities and duties. Keep the list to short and concise bullet points to make it easy for candidates to digest.

  • List the key duties and responsibilities required to be successful in this job.
  • Make sure to list them in order of importance.
  • Use complete, grammatically correct sentences.
  • Be realistic but also honest. This will help to filter out applicants that are not suitable.
  • You can highlight non-negotiables as such, as well as desirables. For example, some jobs require certain certificates to be legally compliant.
  • Use gender neutral language.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Provide a list of the key qualifications and skills that are necessary for candidates to successfully fill this position. It is important to clearly articulate any qualifications that are required, and those that are desirable. For example, some positions require certain certificates to be legally compliant. 

Bullet points you may want to include are:

  • Education level.
  • Experience.
  • Specific skills.
  • Personal characteristics.
  • Certifications.
  • Licenses.
  • Physical abilities.

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